• What do you mean by a 'Bird' in BrowserBird?

    A Bird is basically an automation, which is a set of actions. You can either clone one of our quick Birds or create one of your own. Once You've created a bird, you have several options to fly them.

  • What are the birds in the 'Explore' section for? And how can I clone a bird?

    The birds in Explore section are quick Birds built by the community. You can clone and use them as your own birds. You can clone them by following the below steps.

    • • Click Clone Bird on the Bird you wish to clone
    • • You will be redirected to create new bird page (with the cloned bird actions added)
    • • You can add a name and a description about the bird
    • • Click the Create bird button simple!.

    You can also request us to create a built-in bird for you. If we think your automation use-case is a common one and our community could benefit from it, we can make it for you.
    Also, you can submit your bird to be public.

  • Why you should use a proxy?

    Proxy is your digital identity. Basically, we fly your birds from our server which is located in the US. If you have provided a proxy, it will be used while flying the bird. You can provide the proxy in two ways.

    • • By providing the proxy in the settings page of the bird. This proxy will be used whenever that particular bird flies
    • • By providing it in the fly bird section while flying. When you provide a proxy here, your default proxy will be overridden and it allows you to set a proxy just before flying in the runtime dynamically.
  • Can I pass in the values to the bird dynamically?

    BrowserBird allows you to pass variables dynamically while flying the bird.

                "action": "goto",
                "options": {
                    "url": "https://google.com"
                "action": "goto",
                "options": {
                    "url": "$urlToVisit"
  • What can I do in the settings of a bird?
    • • Web-Hook: You can optionally, hook a webhook to the bird. Webhook will be called by the end of the bird fly if success. By enabling the on Error option, webhook will be called even in case of an error.
    • • Schedule Bird: You can make a bird fly on a periodic schedule. The schedule starts from the time you set/update a schedule.
    • • Proxy: Configure a Proxy to be used while flying the bird here.
    • • Delete bird: Once you click this button, you will be prompted with a confirmation pop-up. If you confirm the bird will be deleted. This will not be reverted.
  • How can I delete a bird?

    You can find the settings icon in the 'Edit Bird' page. Once you click there will be several options and 'Delete' button would be at the bottom. You can click the button and then confirm it again, then your bird will be deleted.

  • How do you calculate the estimated credits of a bird?

    Basically we have allocated credits for each action and you can refer to them in the BrowserBird Action Documentation section. We sum up the credits needed for each action while you create or edit a bird. For loops and conditions, the estimated credits may differ from the credits use to fly the bird.

  • Do you have any documentation regarding the tasks we can automate?

    Yes, we do have documentation with all the actions we support, examples for each action, credit allocated for each of them, options available, and a brief description for each option.

  • Do we have any option to download the fly results of a bird?

    You can download the CSV and JSON of the final results.

  • How can I reset my password?
    • • Go to the settings page
    • • Enter your current password and new password.
    • • Click the 'Reset password' button to save your changes
  • How can reset my forgotten password?
    • • Click 'Forgot your password?' on the signIn page.
    • • You will be asked for your email address
    • • Once you provide your email you will receive an email with directions to reset.
  • By mistakenly shared my ApiKey with my friend. Are API keys that important as passwords? if so what should I do now?

    API keys are as important as passwords because it is an alternative way to authorize you. You have to immediately invalidate your API key in case of exposure. You can invalidate it by following the below steps,

    • • Go to the settings page
    • • There you will find a section with your current API key and an invalidate button.
    • • Click the button so you can invalidate the current API key and get a new one.
  • BrowserBird in other integrations

  • Can I fly a bird with an API call? or any other ways?
    • • API doc

      Birds can be flown by an API call.

    • • Intergromate

      You can use BrowserBird in your integromat flows.
      Invitation link - Intergromate

    • • Zapier

      You can use BrowserBird in your Zapier flows.
      Invitation link - Zapier